6pm – Chris Pringle // You Gotta Have Faith – Trials of Faith

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Chris Pringle

A prime mover within C3 Church in Australia and internationally. Chris is a great role model for young women - Mum, manager, minister, you name it Chris has probably succeeded in doing it! Chris has a winning temperament and a cheeky demeanour which helps her get away with a lot! She is pointed, yet gentle, soft, and yet capable of calling the hard shots. Chris is a woman for the cause, counting it of more value than her immediate or domestic comfort - Not many women would have so happily shared their husband. Chris is an expert in capturing the moment, which is one of the reasons she is a very popular speaker. She is capable of dazzling men and women with a passionate message of her unique walk with God. Every year she hosts Everywoman conference in Sydney which is fast gaining a reputation as the place to be. All this and a family as well. Chris’ children are all infected with the same passion for life and Jesus as their mum and dad. A unique person. A wise and noble person. A great friend. This is the Chris Pringle we know and admire.