Experience Teams

God is changing thousands of lives each week at C3 Church and behind every changed life are the faces of the Experience Teams. Once you have chosen a team that interests you drop us an email below and we will schedule you for a Volunteer Orientation. This is a chance to enjoy a coffee on us, hear about our Volunteer Culture and meet your team leader. It all takes less than 30 minutes right before the service  and helps us to plug you into your sweet spot! 

  1. Home Team:  Our New People Team is all about hosting people in the House as if they were royalty visiting their own house! Our mission is that no-one is missed or left behind and if you are building your connect group or love chatting over coffee we need you!  
  2. Host Team: This team is the heartbeat of our weekend services and our weekend services could not happen without them. The Service Hosts cover all the details to ensure everyone in the congregation is looked after like a VIP at every moment within the service. Whether it is welcoming and ushering people to their seats, assisting with collections or answering sometimes curly questions, the service hosts have it covered!
  3. Parent Room Hosts:  Provide a warm, safe and friendly haven for our mum’s and dad’s in the nursing mothers room and parents lounge. We want to encourage and host our parents with little ones as they have made an extra special effort to get to church and we dont want them to feel left out or like they are missing out at all!
  4. Altar Call:  To pray with and talk to people who make a commitment to Christ at the end of the service.
  5. C3 Store Team:  Connecting people to resource to support their walk with God.
  6. Hospitality Team: If you are gifted in the area of hospitality or a possible barista to the stars we would love you to be on this team! One of the best parts of church is connecting and hanging out in the forecourt having coffee with good friends! This A-team makes it happen.