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The Roar Effect

The Roar Effect is a movement that exists to raise awareness, spark hope and to empower action.  We have the audacious dream to see teen suicide eliminated.  Every individual, every organisation, every school, and every business can be 

involved in some way - we can all do something to bring HOPE to the world that we live in. The aim is to start a ROAR that echoes across States, Countries, Communities, Cultures and ultimately Generations.
Lions most often roar at night; the sound, which can be heard from a distance of 8 kilometres, is used to advertise the animal's presence.  Sometimes it can feel very dark, all the time feels like night time, especially for those suffering through tough issues.  We may not all have the same beliefs, but we can all unite around a common complaint – that there has been far too many young people end their lives, and we can unite around the common cause – inspiring people to be traffickers of hope to this generation. 

We believe that through the Roar Effect, through you, we can send out a ROAR of hope, a roar that goes into the night, the darkness that people are feeling and lets them know that someone is there and someone cares.
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Pampered With Purpose

This wonderful, annual event is being held on Saturday 20 September at The C3 City Campus.  Last year approx 250 women attended and the event was supported by over 80 volunteers that came from the local TAFE, beauty schools, and C3 Church. It was such a brilliant day where ladies from all walks of life received pampering, some yummy food and a lot of love! 

This year will be bigger and better than ever, so go ahead and book a relaxing treatment of yourself NOW through our website:   The time is 10am-2pm and all treatments are just $20 each.

Money raised will go towards helping children in Northern Uganda suffering from Nodding Syndrome.  This is a shocking neutrological disease that only affects children, typically between the ages of 5 to 15, and is affecting 100s of children in villages surrounding our churches.