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Child Action Lanka & Fiji Housing Project



Over the years, C3 has partnered with Feed the Hungry and Global Development Group to financially support the work of Child Action Lanka in Kandy, Sri Lanka.  The organisation was founded by Ps Debs Edirisinghe with a clear vision to help the 'Street Kids' of Kandy.  The original goal was to provide food, health and education to underprivileged children who were living on the streets and were forced to beg for food and shelter.  Many of the children (some just babies) suffered terrible abuse and neglect through these harsh circumstances.  

As the project grew, CAL began caring for the parents of the children and set-up training programs to enable whole families off the streets and into employment and housing.  Debs is passionate about 'wiping every tear from the faces of every child' and she has recently expanded the ministry to Batticaloa which is in an area in Northern Sri Lanka that was once closed off from help due to the Tamil war. Thier expansion included a new fedding & education programme for an additional 650 children. There are currently 1,000 children being cared for by CAL.This year we have been supporting Child Action Lanka (CAL) to provide food, healthcare & education to street kids in Kandy, Sri Lanka.  

These kids have been through the roughest parts of the civil war and we are privileged to partner with Feed the Hungry and Global Development Group to help CAL bring hope and care to their young lives.  CAL now has 12 children's centres and serves over 1,100 children!

It's a new day for CAL and for the children and families of Batticaloa and the surrounding areas.  We would like to thank Feed the Hungry for their generous support and if you would like to make a tax deductible donation towards this project please email the Beyond Office at

Fiji Housing Project:

Over the past 2 years we have invested $12,000 and sent teams of C3 volunteers to erect the kit homes for needy families in Fiji. Ps Mark intends taking teams 2 or 3 times per year which will have a real impact on the community in this area.  If you are interested in supporting this initiative, or if you would like to be included in one of the team visits then please contact the Beyond office at for more information.

From this old house To this new house


Nodding Syndrome


Supporting Children and Families affected by Nodding Syndrome in Northern Uganda

After over twenty years of war, North Uganda now faces another crisis. Nodding Syndrome is a mysterious illness affecting children in the Pader, Kitgum and Agago districts. They estimate that at least 3000 children in these areas have been affected, but these numbers are growing steadily. There is as yet no known cause or cure.

The illness affects children and youth between the ages of 3-18. A healthy child one day could wake up with symptoms of the syndrome the next. These symptoms include seizures, (which make the child appear as if they are ‘nodding’ off to sleep), mental retardation, blindness, stunted growth and body stiffness. Most children do not recover. Children with the syndrome can no longer go to school and cannot be left alone for fear they may injure themselves during a seizure. Desperate families have resorted to tying their children up during the day so they can at least collect water and continue with farm work. Many children have already been abandoned. Caring for these children is incredibly difficult for rural families who have little access to already under resourced and inadequate health care facilities.

Beyond is partnering with the Christian Counselling Fellowship in Pader to bring hope and restoration to these communities by:

• Providing practical support to sick children through improved nutrition, access to remedial medications, warm clothing and bedding.
• Training and resourcing a CCF team to support and empower these frightened communities.
• Helping parents and communities to live with sick and disabled children through education and training.

Everywoman Project Pader


The Pader Girls’ Academy (PGA), situated in Pader, Uganda, is a haven for 250 young Northern Ugandan girls and their 70 babies.  Many of the girls were abducted by the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) as “brides” and following the war found themselves without family, or ostracized on return to village life.  PGA is the only school in Uganda where babies can live with their mothers while they attend school.  Without this facility the girls would remain uneducated and unable to provide an income for themselves and their children.

We would like to acknowledge our project partner, Global Development Group, who have overseen the progress of this project and joined hand in hand with us to see it come to completion.  As a whole this projec<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>t is astounding and has been described by one of the Global Development auditors as "unique to Northern Uganda".

We are now supporting 56 students through our new educational scholarship program thanks to your generosity and Global Development Group. With the Pader Guesthouse now operational, we have launched a new scholarship program, which works in conjunction with the Guesthouse. Pader Girls Academy Educational Scholarship Program for Child Mothers in Northern Uganda was founded by Alice Achan. 

High School graduates receive ongoing vocational training at the Guesthouse in either hospitality, catering and/or tailoring

We currently have 50 girls enrolled in vocational training.

In addition we provide Nursing/Midwifery Scholarships to the top students each year.  This is a two year, live in course.  There are 6 girls currently enrolled and we plan to increase this over the next 2 years.

Why are we giving?

To further the education of underprivileged young mothers in Northern Uganda and to assist them into the workforce. 

How can I be involved?

By Sponsoring a Mum or by making a one off donation to Pader Girls Academy

$45 supports one girl and her infant including medical expenses for one month

$150 provides a 6 month Vocational Training Scholarship

$300 provides a 12 month Vocational Training Scholarship

$2,000 provides a midwifery or nursing scholarship for one year

All donations to this project are tax deductible. 

For more information please visit or contact the Beyond office  


Compassion Australia

Compassion Australia support over 100,000 children in developing countries. Members from C3 Australian churches sponsor almost 3,000 of these precious young lives. If you would like to join us in making a difference in a child’s life there are children today who need our help. 

Contact the Beyond office  or visit their website for more information

Nu Pei Micro Finance Project & Peace Radio

Nu Pei Micro Finance Project:

In 2013 we also started a new project in Northern Uganda which will enable our local Pastors and leaders to start-up their own businesses and generate income for their families.  

At the beginning of September Ps Jake caught up with some of our pastors in Kitgum who are well under way in their training to commence new businesses through our micro-financing program ‘Nu Pei’.

Thank you to our partner Global Development Group and C3 Church Kitgum.

Peace Radio

Beyond is a major supporter of Peace Radio Kitgum in Uganda, which is run by our C3 Kitgum pastor David Livingstone.  Peace Radio broadcasts to over 500,000 people in Northern Uganda and brings messages of hope and encouragement along with biblical teaching, Christian worship, interviews and uplifting testimonies. Peace Radio also plays a major role educating the community with health issues, dealing with land mines & ammunition, social issues, re-establishing community standards and is a voice of hope to the people.